Apple Excitement

I have been an Apple enthusiast for a little under a two decades and there has not been a keynote like the one given by Tim Cook yesterday at WWDC for several years. It was exciting and interesting with the right combination of experiential design and engineering that made Apple launch the original iPhone. The event was dominated by a high end desktop aimed at creative power users and seemed to still touch every key contact point in Apple’s product line. There was something for everyone.

I think Ben Thompson on Strachery said it best:

“I thought that sense of “going for it” that characterized the Mac Pro permeated the entire keynote: Apple seemed more sure of itself and, consequentially, more audacious than it has in several years.”

Back when Apple ran the innovative commercials (1984, here’s to the crazy ones) it reached for somthing new more regularly (Newton, iPod) and didn’t seem as hampered by the past. The iPhones success dampened their freebooter spirit and it is nice to see them get back a little bit of that feeling.


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